Chrystalization is a serial composition

 Dualogosa is a duet that uses 2 different 6 pitch sets for the treble and bass parts

Wholy Tonal used whole tone scales

Wholy Tonal.mp3 Wholy Tonal.mp3
Size : 2654.123 Kb
Type : mp3
Rituals of Insects is composed with chromatic hexachords.  It was originally for guitar and marimba but I also played it solo piano
Rituals of Insects.mp3 Rituals of Insects.mp3
Size : 2180.144 Kb
Type : mp3
rituals of insects (piano).mp3 rituals of insects (piano).mp3
Size : 867.146 Kb
Type : mp3

FOOG is a double fugue that uses serial rows for the two subjects and countersubjects.  It is preceeded by pre-lewd which is freely composed to be simmilar to the fugue as a prelude.

pre-lude.mp3 pre-lude.mp3
Size : 498.084 Kb
Type : mp3
FOOG.mp3 FOOG.mp3
Size : 2222.165 Kb
Type : mp3

Play is a song I wrote with a string quartet and percussion accompanying my voice

Play.mp3 Play.mp3
Size : 5297.515 Kb
Type : mp3

subroutines is polyrhythmic using simultaneous repeated phrases of different lengths

subroutines.mp3 subroutines.mp3
Size : 3195.411 Kb
Type : mp3

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