Improvisation involves a spontaneous use of intuitive skills to creatively react to stimuli within preset boundaries.  Music improvisation can generate performances that sound very exciting since the activity is uncertain; allowing imperfections, as well as inventions.
Jackals of Chaos was improvised on piano 4 with hands by by Alvin Masters and I back in 1999.  I played the top part of the piano, Al played bottom.
jackals of chaos.mp3 jackals of chaos.mp3
Size : 7.535 Kb
Type : mp3

101 ways to choke a chicken is from a jam called Wandering Wasteland.  I played keyboard, William Metz - bass, Steve Monsoni - sampler 
101 ways to choke a chicken3.mp3 101 ways to choke a chicken3.mp3
Size : 1.646 Kb
Type : mp3
Star Trek theme bossa nova with me playing piano, Calvin Marchman on bass and Eric Toomsen on Violin
schmaltztrek.mp3 schmaltztrek.mp3
Size : 3.42 Kb
Type : mp3
Wandering Down the Way is a chord sequence I made for improvisation with Eric Toomsen on Violin, Calvin Marchman on bass and me on piano      
Wandering Down the Way.mp3 Wandering Down the Way.mp3
Size : 3.399 Kb
Type : mp3

ghostinthemachineSMC.mp3 ghostinthemachineSMC.mp3
Size : 3.335 Kb
Type : mp3
communication breakdown.mp3 communication breakdown.mp3
Size : 4.109 Kb
Type : mp3
da.mp3 da.mp3
Size : 2.224 Kb
Type : mp3
elolike.mp3 elolike.mp3
Size : 1.507 Kb
Type : mp3
greyribbon.mp3 greyribbon.mp3
Size : 1.058 Kb
Type : mp3
whenthemacgoesdead.mp3 whenthemacgoesdead.mp3
Size : 2.939 Kb
Type : mp3
actuallyrecordedthat.mp3 actuallyrecordedthat.mp3
Size : 1.036 Kb
Type : mp3
circushell.mp3 circushell.mp3
Size : 3.751 Kb
Type : mp3

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