Here's Johnny uses Sonic Foundry's Acid to manipulate samples of the robot from Lost In Space, and Jack Nicholson from the Shining
heresjohnny.mp3 heresjohnny.mp3
Size : 0.548 Kb
Type : mp3
 Channels of Desire uses various historic advertising in a collage accompanied by filtered noise and fm synthesis done with CSound
Channels of Desire.mp3 Channels of Desire.mp3
Size : 1.167 Kb
Type : mp3
 Holy Cow was originally written with a sequencer and an Emulator III placing Elvis samples from "Stay Away Joe" 1968.  This remake used Vegas to place the clips.  The bass was played on a keyboard with EastWest Hardcore Bass (sampleset), and the drums utilized Steinberg Groove Agent
Someone Else's Dream was made using FruityLoops with samples on and scenes from Space 1999  "The Bringers of Wonder"

 Superman uses my Fruity Loops drums with Elvis samples from Flaming Star, Stay Away Joe, and Change of Habit arranged with Acid
superman.mp3 superman.mp3
Size : 2.07 Kb
Type : mp3
 Elvis samples from the movie "Flaming Star" using Fruity Tracks
flaming pinnacle.mp3 flaming pinnacle.mp3
Size : 0.234 Kb
Type : mp3
Darth Vader samples were put together with Sonic Foundry's Vegas and Fruity Loops for Drums and Bass
vader.mp3 vader.mp3
Size : 1.7 Kb
Type : mp3
I is a collage of several sample sources acommpanied by the Korg X3:  The Prisoner "Fallout", Lightyears 1988, THX 1138 1971, Dragnet "The Prophet", Star Trek the Next Generation "Tin Man" 
I.mp3 I.mp3
Size : 2.174 Kb
Type : mp3
The Manipulator was made using an EMU Emulator III to place samples from Doctor Who "Warriors of the Deep"
The Manipulator.mp3 The Manipulator.mp3
Size : 0.768 Kb
Type : mp3
Monkey Chant was made with the Emulator III and samples from Television broadcasts of Rev. Robert Tilton I recorded on VHS, I also sampled the gyuto tibetan monks, and Balinese natives to create the music along with a Yamaha TG-55, Korg T1 and an Arp Odyssey (shortwave radio effect)
Monkey Chant.mp3 Monkey Chant.mp3
Size : 3.661 Kb
Type : mp3
 Ikon-O-Clash puts a backwards backwards part of Helter Skelter with some comentary from Charles Manson about media
Ikon-O-Clash.mp3 Ikon-O-Clash.mp3
Size : 1.229 Kb
Type : mp3
 Redrum is part of the Shining on Acid
redrum.mp3 redrum.mp3
Size : 0.488 Kb
Type : mp3
Fallen Angels (ACDC) is rom the CD Astral Engine an Eric Von John Paul Project with Steven Paul and Eric Toomsen.  I used Vegas to add samples from a 1994 Dianne Sawyer interview with Charles Manson, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten
acdc.mp3 acdc.mp3
Size : 2.414 Kb
Type : mp3
Mesh the Tesh features Steven Hawking samples from "A Brief History of Time" as well as various samples from "Thinking Allowed", a TV series I recorded on a PBS channel during the 90's
mesh_the_tesh.mp3 mesh_the_tesh.mp3
Size : 2.314 Kb
Type : mp3
 Music as Science is a collaboration with Aimee Norwich on the album Space Fabric, Te Cool played the electric guitar solo.  I used an emulator EIII  for the sampling with pan and volume controlled by computer sequencer (Performer).
Music As Science.mp3 Music As Science.mp3
Size : 4.054 Kb
Type : mp3

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