One Last Shot is a movie written and produced by Todd Jordan.  Steven Monsoni and I made it's music collaborating on some scenes and working alone on others. It was fun.   Below are some scenes from the movie that I was involved with.

"First Contact" was done with Steve who had completed some scenes already and this was my first scene to compose in the movie.  We initially improvised while watching the picture, then went back to overdub other parts prepared for certain cues. 
" Knock Knock, Hi Jack"

"In the Lense"
alternate music for "Run Jack" wasn't used in the final movie after a previous collaboration with Steve we'd thought lost was found, but still I liked this music done with a Yamaha S80. 

This arrangement of additional instruments with Steve's existing music was not used on the movie but I liked it; so here is:  the thicker version of "Shove it Baby".  I added strings to Steve's synthesizer pad at the end of Stacy viewing the video tape recording, then after Jack rushes in I added the brass and woodwinds to the existing synth pad and bass.

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