Euphorium resulted from a pad of keyboards Eric Toomsen made that I overdubbed with additional parts on a Korg Z1 synthesizer

Euphorium.mp3 Euphorium.mp3
Size : 3973.369 Kb
Type : mp3

Sepearate Striations of Time - Eric Toomsen played violin, bass, and kick drum; I played keyboards with synchronized arpeggiators, ribbon controller, kaos pad, cajon, and piano

Separate Striations of Time.mp3 Separate Striations of Time.mp3
Size : 8177.962 Kb
Type : mp3

Chrystal Chimera has suspended china bowls as bells Eric and I added to aprevious improv, I added  keyboard bass 

chrystal chimera.mp3 chrystal chimera.mp3
Size : 1530.513 Kb
Type : mp3

cerebral spasms is more china bowl bells over an improv of Eric on violin and me on synchronized keyboard arpeggiators and Kaoss Pad drums.  Eric overdubbed bass and I added keyboard

cerebral spasms.mp3 cerebral spasms.mp3
Size : 4239.9 Kb
Type : mp3

miscellaneous mantra is as an improv with Eric on violin to which I added talking drum

miscellaneous mantra.mp3 miscellaneous mantra.mp3
Size : 2068.063 Kb
Type : mp3

Enigma Stigma is as an improv with Eric Toomsen on violin while I play keyboards with synchronized arpeggiators; I added fretless ukulele bass

E‌nigma Stigma.mp3 E‌nigma Stigma.mp3
Size : 4331.104 Kb
Type : mp3

Inner Stellar -I played keyboard arpeggiators and Kaoss Pad drums synchronized with tempo changes that follow a keyboard pad Eric Toomsen made

inner stellar master.mp3 inner stellar master.mp3
Size : 7057.737 Kb
Type : mp3

40 Ohms is an improv with Eric on violin and while I played synth and kaoss pad drums then Eric added synth and slide tenor ukulele (resonator), and I added slide baritone ukulele,  Kaossilator, u-bass, and theremin.

40 ohms.mp3 40 ohms.mp3
Size : 7919.084 Kb
Type : mp3
Little Engine is an improv with Eric on violin and while I played synth and kaoss pad drums, I added synth, theremin, and melodicas then both Eric and I added electric bass                                                                                                                                                                                            
Little Engine.mp3 Little Engine.mp3
Size : 12395.41 Kb
Type : mp3

as usual Liftoff Lunacy again began as an improv; this time Eric Toomsen played drums while I played Z1 arpeggiator and later a Z1 solo, VP-770 vocoder/ensemble synth and some bass; Eric added violin, bass, guitar, and QS7 synth; it featuressynchronized Apollo 11 lift-off radio chatter.  

Liftoff Lunacy.mp3 Liftoff Lunacy.mp3
Size : 8700.717 Kb
Type : mp3

explore-fare is a continuation of Liftoff Lunacy's instrumentation and lunar transmissions that transition into War of the Worlds

explore-fare .mp3 explore-fare .mp3
Size : 7629.288 Kb
Type : mp3

Journey to Zetan began as an improvisation between violin and keyboard with a beatbuddy drum pedal.  A synth pad was transformed into an arpeggiator, then solo melodies were added on pan flute melodica and violin.  A bass synth was also added.

Journey to Zetan.mp3 Journey to Zetan.mp3
Size : 4190.104 Kb
Type : mp3

Acid Anarchist began as an improvisation with Eric on violin and me on keyboard and BeatBuddy drum pedal, later I played Andes 25 pan flute melodica, then added Dragnet's Acid Anarchist/Friday and Star Trek's leader of Plato's Stepchildren
Acid Anarchist.mp3 Acid Anarchist.mp3
Size : 7944.798 Kb
Type : mp3

Infinite Funk began with Eric and I trading bass phrases with a drum loop then later Eric re-performed all the bass and drums and then I added brass with dynamic swells using an expression pedal.  Eric then added mandolin and violin and I added an arpeggiated digeridoo.
Infinite Funk.mp3 Infinite Funk.mp3
Size : 5397.451 Kb
Type : mp3

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