Euphorium resulted from a pad of keyboards Eric Toomsen made that I overdubbed with additional parts on a Korg Z1 synthesizer

Euphorium.mp3 Euphorium.mp3
Size : 3973.369 Kb
Type : mp3

Sepearate Striations of Time - Eric Toomsen played violin, bass, and kick drum; I played keyboards with synchronized arpeggiators, ribbon controller, kaos pad, cajon, and piano

Separate Striations of Time.mp3 Separate Striations of Time.mp3
Size : 8177.962 Kb
Type : mp3

Chrystal Chimera has suspended china bowls as bells Eric and I added to aprevious improv, I added  keyboard bass 

chrystal chimera.mp3 chrystal chimera.mp3
Size : 1530.513 Kb
Type : mp3

cerebral spasms is more china bowl bells over an improv of Eric on violin and me on synchronized keyboard arpeggiators and Kaoss Pad drums.  Eric overdubbed bass and I added keyboard

cerebral spasms.mp3 cerebral spasms.mp3
Size : 4239.9 Kb
Type : mp3

miscellaneous mantra is as an improv with Eric on violin to which I added talking drum

miscellaneous mantra.mp3 miscellaneous mantra.mp3
Size : 2068.063 Kb
Type : mp3

Enigma Stigma is as an improv with Eric Toomsen on violin while I play keyboards with synchronized arpeggiators; I added fretless ukulele bass

E‌nigma Stigma.mp3 E‌nigma Stigma.mp3
Size : 4331.104 Kb
Type : mp3

Inner Stellar -I played keyboard arpeggiators and Kaoss Pad drums synchronized with tempo changes that follow a keyboard pad Eric Toomsen made

inner stellar master.mp3 inner stellar master.mp3
Size : 7057.737 Kb
Type : mp3

40 Ohms is an improv with Eric on violin and while I played synth and kaoss pad drums then Eric added synth and slide tenor ukulele (resonator), and I added slide baritone ukulele,  Kaossilator, u-bass, and theremin.

40 ohms.mp3 40 ohms.mp3
Size : 7919.084 Kb
Type : mp3
Little Engine is an improv with Eric on violin and while I played synth and kaoss pad drums, I added synth, theremin, and melodicas then both Eric and I added electric bass                                                                                                                                                                                            
Little Engine.mp3 Little Engine.mp3
Size : 12395.41 Kb
Type : mp3

as usual Liftoff Lunacy again began as an improv; this time Eric Toomsen played drums while I played Z1 arpeggiator and later a Z1 solo, VP-770 vocoder/ensemble synth and some bass; Eric added violin, bass, guitar, and QS7 synth; finally we synced in the Apollo 11 lift-off chatter.  

Liftoff Lunacy.mp3 Liftoff Lunacy.mp3
Size : 8700.717 Kb
Type : mp3

explore-fare is a continuation of Liftoff Lunacy's instrumentation and lunar transmissions that transition into War of the Worlds

explore-fare .mp3 explore-fare .mp3
Size : 7629.288 Kb
Type : mp3

Journey to Zetan began as an improvisation between violin and keyboard with a beatbuddy drum pedal.  The keyboard pad was transformed later into an arpeggiator solo melodies were added on pan flute melodica and violin.  bass synth was also added

Journey to Zetan.mp3 Journey to Zetan.mp3
Size : 4190.104 Kb
Type : mp3
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