Progressive Bliss was finished in 1993 but remixed with modern tools recently.  I originally used an Atari computer, a Kawai K1II, and an Ensonic Mirrage to create accompaniment for several instrumental solos recorded on a Tascam 388 1/4 inch reel to reel.  I played keyboard and directed guitarists:  Tony  Harlin (metalic),  Te Cool (psychedelic), and Lance Hogan (classical, jazz fusion)
Size : 9.717 Kb
Type : mp3
Maiden Voyage / So What - Space Shuttle Discovery
I arranged this combination of two modal jazz classics: Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock, and So What by Miles Davis, re-harmonized with V+#11 chords, whole tone scales and tritone lines. So What is in half time for the middle section, the melody played by the horns. Both tunes combine when Maiden Voyage returns with the So What melody in the bass using a tritone pitch change effect. The fabulous sax solo is played by Seth Kuhn.
Reflexions is a duet with me on piano and Tim Ussery playing guitar.  It was remixed from a long free form improvisation with a real-time electronic canon at the 5th with pitch shifting and delay.  Also on the same album is Trion which used the same canon effect, but at a diminished 5th, and Dominus which goes back to the perfect 5th pitch cannon for a recap and conclusion.
dominoexc-A.mp3 dominoexc-A.mp3
Size : 3.94 Kb
Type : mp3
dominoexc-B.mp3 dominoexc-B.mp3
Size : 4.188 Kb
Type : mp3
trion.mp3 trion.mp3
Size : 11.086 Kb
Type : mp3
dominus.mp3 dominus.mp3
Size : 10.362 Kb
Type : mp3
Suspended Animation was written in 1992 as a composition assignment using the octatonic scale.  I also used a delay canon for the flute sound.
Suspended Animation.mp3 Suspended Animation.mp3
Size : 1.021 Kb
Type : mp3

With In/Outer Limits was composed using a strict tritone canon for the bass  and guitar.  The live solo canonic effect used DSP to transpose and delay played pitches.  The guitar also used an e-bow and slide for sustain with vibrato and glissandi.  All the parts seem to disintegrate into chaos at the end of each section at the limit of organization incorporating some improvisation by the performers:  William Metz-el. bass, Tyson Farmer-guitar, Charissa Brown-flute, John Peters-synthesizer.

with_inouter_limits.mp3 with_inouter_limits.mp3
Size : 4539.974 Kb
Type : mp3

Eric John Paul Project is a collaboration with Eric Toomsen, Steven Paul Monsoni and John Peters.  I wrote the music progression and arranged the final piece with samples.  Played live are three excerpt from an album called Cosmic Debris:  Stellar Journey, Careful with that Sledgehammer Cliff, and What do you think it is?
Eric von John Paul.mp3 Eric von John Paul.mp3
Size : 6705.131 Kb
Type : mp3
 is an experimental composition using dual oscillators in sync for a ring mod type effect.
hmmm.mp3 hmmm.mp3
Size : 0.934 Kb
Type : mp3

Water Lily and Constance are on Padded Cells, a collaboration with Mike Upright finished in 1997 based on a series of improvisations I re-arranged on the computer.   
Water Lilly is  arranged with samples of John Lily, whales, and dolphins.
water_lilly.mp3 water_lilly.mp3
Size : 8.897 Kb
Type : mp3
Constance adds a bass part done with Csound pitch detection and FM synthesis processing of my voice.
Constance.mp3 Constance.mp3
Size : 8.851 Kb
Type : mp3
electricgtr.mp3 electricgtr.mp3
Size : 0.89 Kb
Type : mp3
ethnique.mp3 ethnique.mp3
Size : 1.206 Kb
Type : mp3
Gammaman is a manufactured member of society, named for an embryo in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley; at least he's not a Delta
Gammaman is a collaboration with Aimee Norwich on the album Space Fabric.  We used an EMS Synthi. an EMU emulator  and a TEAC reel to reel 4 track.  The voice sample is taken from Dragnet "The Prophet" 1968
Gammaman.mp3 Gammaman.mp3
Size : 5.977 Kb
Type : mp3
hmmm2.mp3 hmmm2.mp3
Size : 1.223 Kb
Type : mp3
John Lennon Crosses the River Styx used an Emulator III to trigger samples of a friend playing Bach's Cello Suite No 1 on a distorted electric guitar, but with a tritone cannon effect using pitch change and delay.  I re-arranged the order of the guitar recording and added timpani and a flange strings pad from a Yamaha TG-55.  Later I arranged an elecro-acoustic version for string quartet and percussion.
John Lennon Crosses the River Styx.mp3 John Lennon Crosses the River Styx.mp3
Size : 1.453 Kb
Type : mp3

The live performance version of John Lennon Crosses the River Styx, which uses pieces of Bach's Cellow Suite No.1I in fragments with DSP effects(delay, pitch change) causing a tritone canon.

Varaiation on Cello Suite No.1 by Bach.mp3 Varaiation on Cello Suite No.1 by Bach.mp3
Size : 2786.227 Kb
Type : mp3
Solaris is composed with step sequences I wrote on a Yamaha PLG-AN150 transposed by the host keyboard (S80) being split:  some keys  choosing which step sequence is  played others transposing it.  I improvised with the step sequences, added light percussion and then played solos
solaris.mp3 solaris.mp3
Size : 1.09 Kb
Type : mp3
Mars is a collaboration with Mike Upright written and conceived on a Tascam Porta-one 4 track cassette recorder.
MARS.mp3 MARS.mp3
Size : 4.861 Kb
Type : mp3
Justajob began by recording myself tweaking a vocoder plugin in soundforge; toggling carier pitches with the mouse on a virtual  keyboard to effect a looping Elvis sample from Flaming Star "this is just a job to keep me going 'til the rodeo season starts", I then acidized the entire recording and added it to Fruityloops drum patterns to which I played the bass and vibraphone on the S80 with the harmony of the vocoded Elvis loop.
Size : 1.537 Kb
Type : mp3
The Trio of Death is the result of some improvisation with the Yamaha Vocal Effects plug-in board on my S80 controlling the pitches of the vocal harmonizer effect with the keyboard over samples looped with Acid. I sang the trio of death, and Te Cool did the Elvis intro and impersonation.
The Trio of Death.mp3 The Trio of Death.mp3
Size : 0.48 Kb
Type : mp3
ahh.mp3 ahh.mp3
Size : 2.063 Kb
Type : mp3
Orbital Debris is an Eric Von John Paul Project album finished in 2002, I played Keyboard, and synthesizer, Eric Toomsen - Violin, Steven Paul - bass, guitar, keyboard, samples.  I added synth (including an Arp Odyssey) to an improvisation with Eric and Steve in Monsoniland; here are excerpts.
orbital  debris excerpts.mp3 orbital debris excerpts.mp3
Size : 8.822 Kb
Type : mp3

Jam! is Made with ACID Pro using samples of entries for an RRR forum Re-Volt soundtrack contest.
jam!.mp3 jam!.mp3
Size : 1.162 Kb
Type : mp3

Re-cycled Adrenochrome is electronic trance music to accompany racing in Re-Volt , an RC car  video game by Acclaim.
re-cycled adrenochrome.mp3 re-cycled adrenochrome.mp3
Size : 1.171 Kb
Type : mp3

Circuitous Sojourn is electronic trance music to accompany racing in Re-Volt, an RC car video game by Acclaim.  It is to be repeatedly played as it was made as a seamless loop.
circuituos sojourn.mp3 circuituos sojourn.mp3
Size : 1.038 Kb
Type : mp3

Hypnotrancitron used Propeller Heads Re-birth in an experimentation with simultaneous looped phrases of different lengths
hypnotrancitron.mp3 hypnotrancitron.mp3
Size : 2.429 Kb
Type : mp3

Re-Volt Revolution is electronic trance music to accompany new tracks in Re-Volt, an RC car video game by Acclaim.  I used FruityLoops Studio to compose the music.  The female vocal was done by a young student, Muara Forsyth.  I sang as well.
Re-Volt Revolution.mp3 Re-Volt Revolution.mp3
Size : 2.855 Kb
Type : mp3

Blue Shift is a jazz fusion piece that shifts through various meters, beat divisions, and tempos

Blue Shift.mp3 Blue Shift.mp3
Size : 4872.962 Kb
Type : mp3

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