Magicfunk was a collaboration in 1986 with Thomas Sullivan - Bass, and Dan Martin - Drums; It was based on a step sequence I programed into the Korg Poly-800 and transposed with the keyboard for the chord progression.  I remember having to hit the sequencer button with my nose since both hands on the keyboard.  I used the Korg Polysix for the resonance unison bass keyboard intro.  It was recorded live into a cassette boombox.
magicfunk.mp3 magicfunk.mp3
Size : 2.253 Kb
Type : mp3
Shooting Star was written in 1986 and recorded on tascam porta-1 4 track recorder
I sang and played the Korg Polysix synthesizer; Dan Martin - Drums, Eason Duncan - Guitar, Thomas Sullivan - Bass
shootingstar.mp3 shootingstar.mp3
Size : 3.977 Kb
Type : mp3
a classmate at Belmont College named Belmont Vice when I presented it as a composition project for a freshman theory class; Spring of 1987
I used my dorm mate's Yamaha 4-track, programed a neighbor's Roland drum machine, and played the other parts on my Korg Poly-800 synthesizer.
belmontevice.mp3 belmontevice.mp3
Size : 3.297 Kb
Type : mp3
Fantasia was written in 1987 on a Tascam Porta-1 4 track.  I sang, programed the drum machine and played the Korg Polysix synthesizer; Eason Duncan-Guitar, Thomas Sullivan-bass.  The introduction is a clip from the movie "The Neverending Story"
fantasia.mp3 fantasia.mp3
Size : 4.249 Kb
Type : mp3
 Fantasia re-recorded in 1988 on a Fostex 16 track I sang and played the Polysix; Eason Duncan - gtr., Thomas Sullivan - Bass, Dan Martin - Drums
fantasia16.mp3 fantasia16.mp3
Size : 2.598 Kb
Type : mp3

War song was written in 1987 and recorded in 1988 on a fostex 16 track
I sang and played the Korg Polysix synthesizer , Eason Duncan-guitar, Daniel Martin-Drums, Thomas Sullivan-Bass
War Song.mp3 War Song.mp3
Size : 2.886 Kb
Type : mp3
This new  version of war song arranged for string quartet  was performed at my Graduate Composition Recital in 2006
warsong2.mp3 warsong2.mp3
Size : 1.472 Kb
Type : mp3
Space Master was written in 1989 and recorded on a Tascam 388 1/4 inch 8 track
I sang, programed the Korg DDD1 drum machine, and played DX21 synthesizer; Thomas Sullivan - Bass, Eason Duncan - guitar, Tony Harlin - guitar
spacemaster.mp3 spacemaster.mp3
Size : 3.441 Kb
Type : mp3
The Wheel was written in 1992, recorded on a Tascam 388 1/4 inch reel to reel, I sang, programed the Korg DDD1 drum machine, sequenced some keyboard parts as well as played the Kawai K1 synthesizer and bass guitar; Eason Duncan guitar
The Wheel.mp3 The Wheel.mp3
Size : 1.371 Kb
Type : mp3
Progressive Bliss was finished in 1993 but remixed with modern tools recently.  I originally used an Atari computer, a Kawai K1II, and an Ensonic Mirrage to create accompaniment for several instrumental solos recorded on a Tascam 388 1/4 inch reel to reel.  I played keyboard and directed guitarists:  Tony  Harlin (metalic),  Te Cool (psychedelic), and Lance Hogan (classical, jazz fusion)
Size : 9.717 Kb
Type : mp3
Phase I, Shrieks, and Wreck-Creation Period are on Padded Cells, a collaboration with Mike Upright finished in 1997 based on a series of improvisations I re-arranged on the computer.  
 Phase I is a duet of me playing Polysix with Mike on guitar paying homage to Todd Rundgren's Treatise on a Cosmic Fire
PhaseI.mp3 PhaseI.mp3
Size : 4.823 Kb
Type : mp3
Shrieks started with an improvisation:  Mike on the drums and me playing bass on the Polysix, we then arranged and overdubbed parts that fit with a Korg X3; Mike played organ, then we took turns playing parts of the solo.  The Polysix arpeggiator changes phrase length at one part in polymeter with the steady drum beat which makes an interesting  phase shift that was a little challenging to play with, but I like the result.
shrieks.mp3 shrieks.mp3
Size : 3.006 Kb
Type : mp3
 Wreck-Creation Period is an improvisation with me playing electric piano, Mike - Polysix organ, and Micheal Andersen - drums
wreck-creation period.mp3 wreck-creation period.mp3
Size : 3.461 Kb
Type : mp3
Sunzap is actually 3 excerpts from a jam party with The Sunspots in 1998 that I segued on the computer.  Te Cool sang and played guitar, I  played the keybaord, Eason Duncan played (thrashed) the bass, and Greg McCoy played drums.  A hell of a good time; but kinda loud!
sunzap.mp3 sunzap.mp3
Size : 8.581 Kb
Type : mp3
Medical Dementia was sort of a therapy piece in collaboration with Te Cool and homage to Beck. Te sang and I programed loops with Acid
Medical Dementia.mp3 Medical Dementia.mp3
Size : 2.05 Kb
Type : mp3
basic.mp3 basic.mp3
Size : 0.653 Kb
Type : mp3
Thrash&Wane.mp3 Thrash&Wane.mp3
Size : 1.515 Kb
Type : mp3

Space Trackin' is a remake of a classic deep purple song re-arranged to celebrate Re-Volt space tracks.  The music was done in GarageBand with NIB4, GarageBand instruments and a couple guitar loops at the second verse; I then added theremin, Chaos Pad, and vocals in Sony Vegas.
Space Trackin'.mp3 Space Trackin'.mp3
Size : 4.656 Kb
Type : mp3

Birthday song for Jase.  The music was done with GarageBand then vocals were added in Vegas.
birthday song.mp3 birthday song.mp3
Size : 4.747 Kb
Type : mp3

The Sun is about confidently embracing a new day, lyrics by Jennifer Orhun.  Cakewalk's Sonar Soft Synth drums, bass, organ and synth

thesun.mp3 thesun.mp3
Size : 4375.819 Kb
Type : mp3


I wrote Dead Possum after a real dead possum on the road, I played piano and sang while Te Cool played drums, then Te added slide guitar, vocals and harmonica afterward.

Dead Possum.mp3 Dead Possum.mp3
Size : 2741.255 Kb
Type : mp3

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